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So almost a week ago Caleb lost his wallet with a significant amount of money in it that he was saving for a new computer. I had asked him to run to the store for me to get supplies to make cookies for his Young Marine bake sale. His wallet fell out of his pocket on the way home ??. Sadly no one turned it in and we never found it. Tonight he was bitten by a dog while on his bike and these awesome guys came to patch him up. They ended up hearing about his wallet as they talked with him while cleaning the wound. We thanked them and they headed back to the station. Not much longer they came driving up our street again. We waved as we thought maybe there was another call nearby. They pulled up to the house and asked for Caleb again. Thinking they needed to check him out again, I quickly ran and got him. They met him with a donation from all the guys at the station. They had went back to the station told the guys there about Caleb and they all came together to help him start saving again. It's been a rough week for this kid, for our family as I questioned friendships, all the hard work we do and seem to get nowhere, and humanity all around. But God is good, he hears our cries and knows our hearts and then sends his messengers of love our way right when we need it. Thank you to these awesome men, not only for what they do on a daily basis, and not only for what they did for my son tonight, but for also showing us all that there is good in the world, and that there is always hope for humanity. Thank you for reigniting that light in me that had grown weak. You were certainly the change that I wish to be in this world. Thank you!

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The Union finalized its annual scholarship process on May 17th. Each applicant was interviewed as the final step in the application process. In the end, Tiare Lyons and Brenton Pitt was selected as the 2017 Federal Firefighters of Hawaii Scholarship recipients.

Tiare Lyons, daughter of Harry and Charmane Lyons, is currently a Nursing student at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Tiare was recently awarded the "President's Award" for maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Brenton Pitt, son of Aaron and Desiree Pitt, will be a senior at Damien Memorial High School. Brenton impressed the committee with his perseverance and determination. Although he applied in 2016 and was not selected he didn't let that stop him. Brenton continued to serve his community and worked hard on improving his academics.

On behalf of the Federal Firefighters of Hawaii we would like to congratulate our 2017/2018 recipients and wish them best of luck in their upcoming school year.

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