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The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2017, S. 382. Introduced by Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the bill’s passage in the Senate brings it one step closer to being the first-of its kind national cancer registry specifically for fire fighters.

Last September, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed its version of the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act, which differs slightly from the Senate-passed bill. As a result, the two chambers will work to reconcile their differences before sending the bill to the president’s desk for his signature.

The cancer registry will collect detailed data on the occurrence of cancer in fire fighters to assist scientists with specialized information they need for research to help strengthen our understanding of the link between firefighting and cancer, which could potentially lead to better prevention and safety protocols.

"I sincerely thank the Senate leadership for taking up the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act. I also thank the entire Senate for its unanimous vote bringing us one step closer to delivering this legislation to the president’s desk for his signature,” says General President Harold Schaitberger. “The strength of the vote in each chamber demonstrates the importance of this legislation and the need to better understand cancer within the fire service.”

The IAFF will continue working with its allies in Congress to produce a final bill in the coming weeks.

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Mahalo to the following Brothers and Sister who stepped up to "Pay it Forward" for our Retired Brothers:

(NEW) Jarett Martin (8A) - Chuck Strohlin
(NEW) Mason Kitamura (16A) - Noa Kaakimaka
Mick Pavao (Retired) - Harry Kiyan
Mick Pavao (Retired) - Jacob Chung
Bryson Kawatamori (9B) - Lawrence Alcosiba
Jason Meyers (6A) - Raymond Camara
Fritz Medalla (2B) - James "Kimo" Lake
Daniel Pagan (1B) - Henry Dutro
John Harvell - Duane Conselva
Korey Chock - Paul Garrigan
Ray Berdon (16B) - Wallace Mason
Halona Felix (4A) - Thomas Narvaez
Mason Kitamura (16A) - Emil Cozo
D. Daniels & P. Gutierrez (8B) - Joe Guilluame
Jason Scanlan (2B) - Robert Flores
Robin Cooper (16A) - Glenn Lono
Gordon Smith (16B) - John Akiona
Kai Chang (16B) - Joe Otineru
Mike Lodge (16B) - George Padeken
Emilio Aguilar (16B) - Francis Behic
Sheldon Sunada (15A) - Richard "Keke" Papa
Harry Lyons (15A) - Anthony "Tony" Senarighi
Brock Whittington (8A) - Rodney Whittington
Garrett Oudraad (2A) - Larry Dixon
Reid Shimabukuro (16A) - Gary Mynatt
Josh Sarsona (15A) - Leonard Sarsona

We are looking for more sponsors! Please spread the word.

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The following members need to register on the Union website. This will ensure that you receive any mass text or mass email:

Dominic AhNee (PTA)
John Akiona (Retired)
Lawrence Alcosiba (Retired)
Mona Amisone
David Asato
John Awong (Retired)
Michaele Badua (RDC)
Francis Behic (Retired)
Raymond Camara (Retired)
Eugene Cambonga (Retired)
Kaeo Chun
Dwane Conselva (Retired)
James Cornwall
Emil Cozo (Retired)
Ashley Crawford (PTA)
Ikaika Dang (RDC)
Lawrence Dixon (Retired)
Robert Flores (Retired)
Paul Garrigan
Joe Guilluame (Retired)
Brenda Gututala
Kaleo Hauata
Shawn Howe
Matt Kaea (PTA)
Norman Kon
Leinaala Labatte (RDC)
Kimo Lake (Retired)
Richard Lindley
Glenn Lono (Retired)
Jensen Maldonado (PTA)
Wally Mason (Retired)
John Miller
Richard Mitchell (Retired)
Greg Moore
Gary Mynatt (Retired)
Thomas Narvaez (Retired)
Kendall Onizuka
Joe Otineru (Retired)
George Padeken (Retired)
Richard Papa (Retired)
Mark Pascua
Roma Rapoza
Kekoa Rogan
Austin Salcedo
Matt Sanders (Retired)
Jesse Santana
Tony Senarighi (Retired)
Todd Sorbin
Rodney Whittington (Retired)
Curtis Yoshikane
Arnold Yuen (Retired)

If you work with any of these members please have them register at Also, please let them know that they need to add their email address, cell number and cell provider.

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Go to the Members Only section to find the link on how it's done!

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