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Sisters and Brothers,

I challenge all of you to start your day with being grateful that we continue to work, serve and provide for our families. Many of our FFD Families are beginning to face layoffs and employment uncertainty. This is unprecedented times! Focus on the absolute necessities and don't get upset over "trivial" things or minor disruptions in your daily routine. Think about your fellow man, the one who is now without a job, has a family, has a mortgage or rent, the guy who doesn't know how long his food will last. WE ARE NOT ONLY IN THIS TOGETHER......WE HAVE TO BE THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, APPRECIATIVE, AND COMPASSIONATE!

Take care of your families, come to work with energy and spend your shift making a difference. We don't know the outcome of our future but what we do know is we have the best job in the world and this is more than a job.....its a true calling!

Be Safe Everyone,


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To All,

This is not your typical drop everything, short deadline, must do emails. This one is fun, does not require much effort, and it is greatly appreciated by me. I am trying to build a little department history by tracking how many recruit class we have had since April 1990, our first recruit class. Please have yourself and as many personnel complete the form individually and email it back to me by the end of the February. Simply fill out three boxes:

1. Name - Your name

2. Graduation Date - There were multiple graduating classes in the same year so please try to be specific.

3. Personnel in your graduation class - This will give us an idea how many personnel our department has hired over 30 years!

If you need more time, it is not a problem but the sooner I can get the information the faster I can process the information. There is nothing driving this but personal interest and curiosity. Again, this is voluntary but EVERYONE's participation is greatly appreciated. Please provide for widest dissemination to anyone that was a part of Federal Fire Department Hawaii.

Send responses to:

Thank you,

Ryan Yoshimoto

Battalion Chief

Federal Fire Department Hawaii, Training Division

650 Center Dr. Bldg. 284

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

(808)471-5003 Office

(808)590-1558 Cell

(808)474-5240 Fax

Navy Fire & Emergency Services

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The following members need to register on the Union website. This will ensure that you receive any mass text or mass email:

John Akiona (Retired)
Mona Amisone (Prevention)
John Awong (Retired)
Francis Behic (Retired)
Raymond Camara (Retired)
Eugene Cambonga (Retired)
Kaeo Chun
Dwane Conselva (Retired)
Ikaika Dang (RDC)
Lawrence Dixon (Retired)
Robert Flores (Retired)
Paul Garrigan (Retired)
Brenda Gututala (Admin)
Matt Kaea (PTA)
Norman Kon (Retired)
Kimo Lake (Retired)
Glenn Lono (Retired)
Jensen Maldonado (PTA)
Richard Mitchell (Retired)
Gary Mynatt (Retired)
Kendall Onizuka
Joe Otineru (Retired)
George Padeken (Retired)
Roma Rapoza (Prevention)
Kekoa Rogan
Matt Sanders (Retired)
Tony Senarighi (Retired)
Todd Sorbin
Rodney Whittington (Retired)

If you work with any of these members please have them register at Also, please let them know that they need to add their email address, cell number and cell provider.

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