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Station 6 COVID-19 Update (Ver. 1.2)


Here is the latest update for Monday 7/21:

1.  All 8 personnel currently on duty at Station 6 will remain in place until further notice.  
2.  All "A" and "B" shift personnel will be in Restriction of Movement (ROM) and will be placed in LN (Weather and Safety) leave (no charge to AL or SL). 
3.  Testing will be coordinated for both shifts regardless if you've already been tested.  BC's and/or DC's will contact you by phone for scheduled testing. Testing could start tomorrow (Tuesday) but more than likely Wednesday.  Please be patient.  
4.  Test Results is the first step to returning to duty.  Be advised that you will need to wait for everyone's test results to avoid someone being positive.  
 5.  The Department is trying to get all Station 6 personnel tested under one facility to ensure consistency.  Keep in mind that once the test is taken you will need to wait for the results.  
6.  Last, things are ever changing.  Your understanding is appreciated!


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Station 6 COVID-19 Update (Version 1.1)

Fire Chief has determined that the Recruit Class is safe and there is no changes. Union recommends that all recruits clean their SCBA's to include masks.

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Last night, Station 6 was informed that 2 Employees tested positive for COVID-19. Station 6 was placed "Out of Service" pending additional information. Just after 2am, station 6 personnel began the first round of station disinfecting/cleaning. FYI - the 2 employees are at home under quarantine. Just after 8am this morning, the Union met with Chief Moriguchi, Chief Souza and some of the Active Duty Chief's to discuss immediate action. After discussion here are the immediate actions:

1. A Volunteer Group of 7 employees was assembled. These 7 employees (5 Civilian and 2 Military) will quarantine at Station 6. They understand that they MAY be required to stay at Station 6 for 14 days. They will be coded as RG for normal duty days and OU for days that would normally be "off duty" days. All 7 will be tested as quickly as possible.

NOTE: The Union has agreed to provide meals for the 7 employees.

2. All "A" Shift personnel assigned to Station 6 that are currently at home will remain at home for quarantine. It is recommended that you get tested as a precaution. You should advise your chain of command on the results of your test as soon as received.

3. All "B" Shift personnel assigned to Station 6 will also remain at home under quarantine. At the present time, these employees will be under SL or AL. Chief Moriguchi has stated that he will advocate for Admin Leave come Monday. These employees should also get tested as soon as possible. All test results will need to be provided to their chain of command.

4. As of today, the only apparatus' at Station 6 that will be "in service" is the ARFF trucks. Third run crash may or may not be placed in service. State Crash will be notified for additional assistance.

5. No personnel, other than the 7, will be allowed at Station 6 unless approved by Management until further notice.

6. Anyone who has filled in over the past 10 days should contact the Department. This includes fill in's to and from Station 6.

7. Any Military Reservists that attended weekend drill at Station 6 should contact Management.

8. Any Recruit Firefighter who have participated with Station 6 personnel should contact Management.

9. All those who are at home under quarantine guidelines should adhere to the CDC's recommended guidelines.

10. All Paramedics who are assigned to Station 6 (despite the shift) should get tested immediately to protect previous community contact.

IMPORTANT: All current information is subject to change. The Department has never faced a problem such as this so everyone's understanding is appreciated.

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UNION AWARDED $127,810.91

We are pleased to report that Arbitrator Tom Crowley has awarded the Union $116,610.91 for Attorney's Fees. The IAFF has also approved $11,200 for a partial reimbursement of the Arbitrator's cost. The Navy has until 31 August 2020 to reimburse the Union.

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The Union would like to thank Brother Kohl Kitagawa for stepping up to become our official YouTube videographer. Our YouTube Channel can be viewed at the link below. Also, if you have any content that we can use please send it to:

[email protected]

Go to our Gallery page and check out the latest "Prop Building" day by our Training Cadre and some of the Brothers who volunteered to help:

Lt. Shane Furuta
FF. Nainoa Kahale
FF. Daniel Pagan
FF. Garrett Oudraad

Lt. Ronnie Matthews
FF. Carlton Tanabe

BC. Ryan Yoshimoto
BC. Shawn Howe

FF. Kohl Kitagawa

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The following members need to register on the Union website. This will ensure that you receive any mass text or mass email:

John Akiona (Retired)
Mona Amisone (Prevention)
John Awong (Retired)
Francis Behic (Retired)
Raymond Camara (Retired)
Eugene Cambonga (Retired)
Kaeo Chun
Dwane Conselva (Retired)
Ikaika Dang (RDC)
Lawrence Dixon (Retired)
Robert Flores (Retired)
Paul Garrigan (Retired)
Brenda Gututala (Admin)
Matt Kaea (PTA)
Norman Kon (Retired)
Kimo Lake (Retired)
Glenn Lono (Retired)
Jensen Maldonado (PTA)
Richard Mitchell (Retired)
Gary Mynatt (Retired)
Kendall Onizuka
Joe Otineru (Retired)
George Padeken (Retired)
Roma Rapoza (Prevention)
Kekoa Rogan
Matt Sanders (Retired)
Tony Senarighi (Retired)
Todd Sorbin
Rodney Whittington (Retired)

If you work with any of these members please have them register at Also, please let them know that they need to add their email address, cell number and cell provider.

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