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Chopper House Defends the Title for a Third Year!

The guys from Station 14B have done it again! Everyone, including myself, didn't think that they could 3 peat! There would be no way that 14B could pull off such a feat. Well they proved me wrong. Congratulations to John Makua, Steven Heen, Darren Pia, Amador Barrios, Aladin Villalobos and their silent warrior/secret weapon John Estores. Let's start some chatter on the discussion board. Everyone who attended should chime in with their stories. Click on "Station Pride Volleyball".

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On Saturday, Firefighters from around the State attended the funeral service for Hawaii County Captain David Mahon. Brother Mahon was killed while riding his motorcycle to work. Representing Local F263 was Union Steward Apu Jacobsen, Brother Jonathan Rodriquez, Dathan Lloyd (PTA), Kimo Yamanoha (PTA), PMRF Fire Chief and Former Local F263 President Ron Akiyama and PTA Fire Chief Eric Moller (missing from picture). These Brothers witnessed a overwhelming display of Brotherhood and community pride. RIP Captain Mahon!

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The Union would like to welcome the following Brothers and Sister:

1. Jillian Seminara
2. Bryce Karratti
3. Matthew Cheape
4. Elias David
5. Carlton Tanabe
6. Gagamoe Manuma Jr.
7. Allyn Matsuda
8. Makana Ah Yo
9. Joshua Chandler
10. Curt Mendoza
11. Kirk Intong
12. Devon Sefo
13. Thompson Saffery
14. Brody Price
15. Seve Sonsona
16. Branson Chun
17. Ke'ea Lum
18. Brandon Romero (Fire Inspector)
19. Ulices Vazquez
20. Kaiana Aila-Levy
21. Cade Foster
22. Austin Slade-Matautia
23. Caelan Alejandro

Welcome to the family!

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16th District Caucus A Success!

Local F263 hosted the biennial 16th District Caucus in Phoenix, AZ. Over 115 Labor Leaders converged to learn about a number of subjects. Federal Workers Compensation was a widely debated topic with Daniel Shapiro, Esq. (Federal Workers Compensation Attorney from Boston) leading the charge. Many leaders had questions regarding negotiating an Alternate Work Schedule.

For 2 days the District met to discuss problems that are similar across the country. DVP Johnson arranged for David Lang, the IAFF's Assistant to the General President for Governmental Affairs and Public Policy to speak about the political climate. Kooper Caraway, the 28 year old President of the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO charged the group about the Labor Movement and the youth of today.

The Caucus ended with many attendee's realizing how valuable this event was. Let's see where we will end up in 2021.

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Here is a short list of what your Union has done over the past 10 years:

1. Retained Mr. Peter L. Trask, Esq (Union Attorney)

2. Defeated the Navy in the E115 Arbitration.

3. Backpay for Ray Tatekawa and Sheldon Sunada who were wrongfully suspended by FFD Management. Navy pays a total of $47,000 to Local F263 and its Grievants.

4. Backpay for Kip Tanaka, Puni Puni, William Mahaulu and Albert Marter (non-member). All 4 employees were required to attend EMT Class on their day off without compensation. Union files grievance and Navy settles for backpay for each employee ($2500 each) plus $5000 in Legal Fees.

5. 0640 Arbitration. Union files a Class Grievance on behalf of 11 Paramedics for improper overtime payment and a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Arbitrator awards the Union $614,000.00 is backpay and Legal fees. Top 3 Paramedics were paid $133,000, $110,000 and $106,000. Legal Fees $67,000

6. Local F263 becomes the largest Federal Local within the IAFF in 2009. Union signs up 104 NEW members in just one year and has remained the largest Federal IAFF Local over the past 10 years.

7. Local F263 negotiates a Last Chance Agreement (LCA) to save employee from Termination.

8. Union successfully negotiated an increase to the Uniform Allowance to go from $400 to $1600 for newly hired employees and $87.50 to $200.00 per quarter for replacement allowance.

9. Union enforces CBA Language for "early overtime announcements" which allows employees to find relief "as soon as it is known" rather than 0730 the next morning.

10. Union created 3 Volume Union Handbook as a resource for each station. Position Descriptions, COMNAVREGHIINST. 12000.1D, CBA, Constitution and Bylaws, DODi 6055.06, etc.

11. Successfully negotiated a Collective Bargaining Agreement for PTA. IAFF Reimburses Local F263 $3500 under "First Contract" provision.

12. Pushed the Department to hire recruits with Fire Experience at the GS-04 or higher. This help with retention. It also minimizes the time to full performance GS-07.

13. Union provides FREE Annual Workshop for Union Officials and Members. Mr. Trask is contracted to provide education over 2 days.

14. Union negotiated the Uniform Change.

15. Local F263 successfully negotiates the SOP 500.01 Series for BLS Protocols for the AEMT Program at Station 7 & 9.

16. Union successfully negotiated the NEW "Promotion Interview" SOP.

17. Filed a Grievance and Reducing a 5 Day Suspension to 1 Day.

18. Union approves $50.00 per NEWLY Promoted Union Member for awards ceremony. This provides for food and drinks (no alcohol) for the ceremony.

19. Local F263 creates the IAFF 16th District Caucus in 2010 in San Diego (IAFF Convention). 16th District has since held 2 District Caucus' in Atlanta, GA and in Phoenix, AZ in 2019.

20. VP Daniels presents Local F263 MDA "Fill the Boot" check on television. Local F263 raised over $20,000 for MDA that year.

21. Local F263 organizes "Day on the Beach" at White Plains Beach in support of Brothers who were wrongfully suspended.

22. Local F263 organizes the first ever "Firefighter of the Year" Awards Banquet at the Hyatt Regency in 2009.

23. Union files Grievance at PTA for operating below minimum staffing. Army agrees to pay PTA Employee for backpay overtime wages.

24. Union files grievance for FF Otani who was wrongfully deprived of overtime. Navy pays FF Otani backpayment.

25. Union wins financial settlement/compensation for Employee EEO Complaint.

26. Union files grievance for FF Patrick Fleming and Navy agrees to settle and backpay Mr. Fleming.

27. Union send the parents of the Late Fallen Firefighter Brice Gomes to the IAFF's Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial in Colorado Springs, CO. FF Gomes' name was permanently etched in the Memorial Wall.

28. Union sends members to FDIC in 2013 as part of its Education and Training Program.

29. Union send members to the Orlando Fire Conference in 2013 as part of its Education and Training Program.

30. Union creates Newsletter in 2018 and sells advertising to defer cost.

31. Union provided Chiropractic Plan for members.

32. Union provides AFLAC for members at the best group rate possible.

33. Union provides HDS Dental Plan and increased its Orthodontic coverage to compete with MetLife.

34. VP Sunada secures Moanalua Golf Course at Union Meeting venue and Union approves the motion to pay for the Union meeting breakfast for all members who attend.

35. Union incorporates Quickbooks Online as its official accounting software.

36. Union incorporates "GotoMeeting" for teleconference capability.

37. IAFF introduces Resolution to eliminate the early withdraw penalty for Firefighters who retire and withdraws from their TSP. This Resolution passed both the House and Senate and has been passed into Law.

38. Union enforces CBA Language which allows employees to request Annual Leave by the day rather than by the 2 week pay period.

39. Union created new Union APP. This allows for "Push Notifications" in real time.

40. Union created Website in 2008. This allows for mass text and mass emails.

41. Union creates Podcast for new generation.

42. Union creates, builds and celebrates "Fallen Firefighter Memorial Wall" at FFD HQ.

43. Union created "Sponsor a Retiree" program as a way of "giving back" to the Brothers who came before us.

44. Union created the Local F263 Scholarship Program which provides (2) $2000 scholarships to a member or dependent annually.

45. Union now provides Uniforms for the entire department.

46. Union creates a business relationship with Honolulu Fire Department Federal Credit Union which now allows Federal Firefighters to become a member. HFDFCU has sponsored our Newsletter, Podcast, T-Shirt Contest and Station contest. They have provided financial support for all.

47. Union has created a "Successorship Program" in preparation for change.

48. Union has fought the Navy over allegations of employee Sick Leave being the root of high overtime cost when it is clearly a staffing and hiring problem along with a military deployment problem.

49. Union has secured its future home/office at Palama Settlement. This provides Palama Settlement with the volunteer needs and we help out the community.

50. Union supports the Gomes Family who in turn supports Local F263 with the purchase of a Memorial Flag.

51. Union worked with Management and the Training Division to create the Recruit Training Manual.

52. Union worked with the Training division, Academy Instructors and the Training Cadre to support the NEW SOP on the Physical Agility Test.

53. Union stopped Reservists from filling Civilian Firefighter billets.

54. Employees now file for mileage if they are forced to fill in after reporting to work.

55. Trustee Meyers keeps Management current on upcoming Temporary Promotions which has decreased any delays. This ultimately puts more money in our members pocket.

56. Union raised the standard for ALL future Recruit graduations with CLASS A's being mandatory.

57. Union has represented many members in EEO Complaints, Grievances, Unfair Labor Practices and General Complaints.

58. Union has started "Uniform Recycle Program" which allows current members to purchase Uniforms retrieved from Retired or Employees who leave the department.

59. Union has about to launch its YouTube Channel utilizing department talent.

60. Union will successfully negotiate a long awaited schedule change.

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The following members need to register on the Union website. This will ensure that you receive any mass text or mass email:

John Akiona (Retired)
Mona Amisone (Prevention)
John Awong (Retired)
Michaele Badua (RDC)
Francis Behic (Retired)
Raymond Camara (Retired)
Eugene Cambonga (Retired)
Kaeo Chun
Dwane Conselva (Retired)
Ikaika Dang (RDC)
Lawrence Dixon (Retired)
Robert Flores (Retired)
Paul Garrigan (Retired)
Joe Guilluame (Retired)
Brenda Gututala (Admin)
Matt Kaea (PTA)
Norman Kon (Retired)
Leinaala Labatte (RDC)
Kimo Lake (Retired)
Glenn Lono (Retired)
Jensen Maldonado (PTA)
Richard Mitchell (Retired)
Gary Mynatt (Retired)
Kendall Onizuka
Joe Otineru (Retired)
George Padeken (Retired)
Richard Papa (Retired)
Roma Rapoza (Prevention)
Kekoa Rogan
Matt Sanders (Retired)
Tony Senarighi (Retired)
Todd Sorbin
Rodney Whittington (Retired)

If you work with any of these members please have them register at Also, please let them know that they need to add their email address, cell number and cell provider.

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